Baryonic matter at strong coupling


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Baryonic matter

Note: You may get an alert of potentially dangerous file while downloading, perhaps due to the .zip extension. If you prefer it, you can download them with .txt extension and change the extension to .m or .nb afterwards.

baryonic_matter_v1.txt Parameters of the numerical solutions
kernelWithMagneticField.txt Everything needed to reconstruct the numerical solutions.
HolographicBaryonicMatter.txt Mathematica notebook to learn how to use the data.

How to use these resources

These resources correspond to 2304.07257. You can also find a summary of this project here.

Following the link Baryonic matter, you can download the values of the UV, horizon, and confining IR coefficients corresponding to the supergravity solutions explained in the paper. These are in the file ““. The file “” will allow you to reconstruct the numerical solutions (everything implemented in it).

Additionally, a Mathematica Notebook “HolographicBaryonicMatter.nb” shows how to use this data in a friendly way.

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