Monopoles and confinement in 3D


Follow this link to download all files at once.
Expansions Share.

Note: You may get an alert of potentially dangerous file while downloading, perhaps due to the .zip extension. If you prefer it, you can download them with .txt extension and change the extension to .m or .nb afterwards.

ExpansionsToShare.txt. Coefficients at the UV.
UV coefficients.txt. Coefficients at the UV.
Horizon coefficients.txt. Coefficients at the horizon.
Confining IR coefficients.txt. Coefficients at the confining IR.

How to use these resources

These resources concern to 2212.04996.

Following the link Expansions Share, you can download the UV, IR and horizon expansions of the solutions. They are saved as “UV coefficients.m“, “Confining IR coefficients.m“, and “Horizon coefficients.m“, respectively.

Additionally, there is a Mathematica Notebook “ExpansionsToShare.nb” showing how to use this data in a friendly way.